Barbara McMahon



Systems and Processes

"Businesses and human endeavors are systems, but we tend to focus on snapshots of isolated parts of systems and then wonder why our deepest problems never get solved."

It takes robust systems and processes to produce high quality products and services, retain customers, and sustain results. Organizations are more than places where countless tasks get done.  When you look at your organization as a series of interconnecting processes amazing opportunities for improvement and increased productivity become apparent.

Introduction to Systems Thinking

Introduction to Systems Thinking. We increase your ability to produce outstanding and lasting results by increasing your capacity to see your organization through the broad lens of systems.   

Process Management and Improvement

Process Management and Improvement.  We offer a systematic approach that helps you to become more efficient, to reduce costs, errors and cycle time, and to improve quality by identifying, analyzing and improving existing business processes or creating new ones.

Analytic Problem Solving/Root Cause Analysis

Analytic Problem Solving/Root Cause Analysis. We increase your capacity to address significant organizational problems so that they are permanently solved by introducing you to a rigorous 9-step process that uncovers root cause.   With you and your team we systematically identify and analyze your most pressing problems, and identify solutions based on hard facts and data.

Performance Management

Performance Management. The performance review remains one of the most dreaded tasks both managers and employees face. In spite of the difficulties, performance management is an essential tool for high performing organizations, and it is one of a manager’s most important responsibilities. Done correctly, performance management can result in numerous important outcomes for an organization, its managers and employees. We help you develop and implement a system that maximizes organizational and individual performance, increases individual accountability and integrates organizational values into the daily functioning of the organization.