Barbara McMahon



Who We Are


We are management consultants whose mission is to unleash the natural potential of people and their organizations to produce amazing results.  We guide leaders to create a great place for great people to do great work.  We are committed to redefining success for both businesses and individuals enabling them to enjoy greater economic opportunity while contributing to the betterment of society.  We are dedicated to helping more people find fulfillment by bringing their whole selves to work.

Our Core Beliefs

  1. Organizations CAN be great places to work. Leaders can create both productive and rewarding working environments by promoting the open flow of information, nurturing individual differences and standing for something meaningful.
  2. Organizational Purpose.  Great organizations stand for more than shareholder value.  It is possible to have it all – both bottom line results and top line impact.  An organization can create value for society and for its shareholders; it’s not a zero sum game.  
  3. Organization Change.  An organization’s patterns of communicating are what keep it stuck and from moving forward.  Culture change is about pattern change especially patterns of communicating …. patterns that lead to openness, learning, and trust. Change the patterns of interaction and you change the culture.
  4. Leadership. The culture of an organization is a reflection of the leader’s style. The first step in creating a high performing organization starts with the leaders’ willingness to learn about themselves, including the outcomes or results they want to achieve, the core values that are important to them, and the impact their styles have on organizational performance.
  5. Engagement.  Most people have work that is too small for their spirits.  Motivated people are at the heart of organizational performance.  Problems emerge from poor job fit, i.e.  when a person takes on work for which he has no natural talent.  The key to high engagement is to align work with an individual's motivated strengths and natural talents.
  6. Learning. There is a strong correlation between high performance and an organization’s capacity for continuous and collective learning. Organizational success depends on members continually  1.) learning about themselves, 2.) learning from others (peers, leaders, customers, suppliers), and 3.) learning about their system/organization as a whole.
  7. Systems. Most of the problems organizations are experiencing are systemic.  The place to start an improvement effort is at the system level. Only when the system is healthy and functioning well can one begin to identify individuals who are not functioning well.
  8. Real-time Consulting.  More impactful and lasting results are possible when we use client’s real issues and interactions in real time to learn from.  Leveraging the power of now accelerates change.


  • Barbara McMahon, founder and president of McMahon Consulting, LLC, has over 30 years of experience consulting to organizations and individuals.
  • Her clients include business owners, senior managers, team leaders, executive directors, CEOs and boards in all types of industries and organizations
  • She has worked with the for-profit, public, and non-profit sectors.
  • She has assisted people at all levels to recognize their unique capabilities and to improve their performance and satisfaction.
  • She worked for twelve 12 years as an Human Resources  Manager for a Fortune 500 company before starting her own consulting, training, and  coaching company.
  • Certifications:
    • Masters in Applied Behavioral Science/Organization Development
    • Certified Coach (executive, performance, career transitions), Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara,
    • Certified Mediator, Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution
    • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, EQ in Action Profile, Learning In Action Technologies