Barbara McMahon



How We Do It

Our Process

  1. Assess. We start by understanding your goals, challenges and needs.  We evaluate your current strengths, i.e.  what’s working as well as what’s not.  We look for the innate positive core and potential that already exists within your organization and your people that need to be unleashed for you and your organization to maximize performance.
  2. Envision. Together we agree upon what success looks like and identify your desired end- state and goals.
  3. Plan. We create a plan that includes specific solutions, strategies, actions, accountabilities, timelines, and success/performance indicators.
  4. Execute.  “Vision alone is no solution.  Everything is execution."  We help you put your plan into action.
  5. Measure. Together we track progress against mutually identified performance indicators continuously learning as we go.
  6. Improve and Sustain. We identify ways to sustain the results you achieve and also make the necessary improvements and adjustments to our approach based on what we learn.  We are committed to increase your capacity to be effective, solve problems and sustain results without the help of outside resources.  Our plan is to decrease your dependence on us.  If we’re doing our job well, we’ll be out of a job!