Barbara McMahon



Client Comments

  • “Barb helped us put structure around the things we were doing that resulted in a more focused team approach – working together to the same end.”
  • “Barb asks questions that help you drill down to the heart of the matter thus drawing individuals into the process.”
  • “Barb demonstrates the very skills that she is trying to equip us with.”
  •  “Barb’s work reached far beyond the development of the strategic plan and identification of specific goals.  Her deep understanding of organizations and how people work together equipped me to think beyond the traditional approaches.”
  • “Barb became more than a catalyst for change in the organization. She became an integral part of moving the organization forward beginning one person and one group at a time.  She helped us address and overcome organizational, structural and developmental differences so that real change could occur.”
  • “What sets Barb apart from other consultants is her deep knowledge of organizational behaviors and biases.  Her skills allow her to quickly understand each unique organization at the departmental, group, team, and individual level then work with each component to bring about organizational development and growth.”
  •  “Barb is tough.  She asks the questions that no one else is willing to or equipped to ask. These questions cut to the core of what’s going on and how it effects the organization and its members. Her profound understanding of human behavior seems to equip her with just the right question that gets to the heart of the matter.”
  • “Barb helped us breakdown individual and organizational barriers over and over again.”